Spain and Portugal - April, 2018


Our tour started in Lisbon, Portugal then went south into Spain to Seville and Malaga. From Malaga, we had side trips to Ronda and Gibraltar. We then continued to Granada, Toledo, and ended in Madrid.


Lisbon to Madrid


One of Lisbon's famous landmarks is the Belém Tower


Belém Tower


It's also famous for its wavy streets...


Wavy streets


...and its hills - complete with colourful public transportation.




We visited some large urban centres...




...and some much smaller villages




Some towns laid out the red carpet for us!


Red carpet


There were visits - of course - to the odd church and cathedral...




...and an occasional archaeological site (Teatro Romano, Malaga)


Teatro Romano


However, we also spent some time on the coast




The birds were mainly Yellow-legged Gulls; this is a jeuvenile


Yellow-legged Gull


Ronda, one of Spain's "Pueblo Blancos" (white villages), is famous for its gorge


Ronda gorge


And, a deep gorge needs a tall bridge!


Ronda bridge


Ronda also has a bull ring, made famous by Hemmingway
(Note that the rain in Spain doesn't always fall on the plain!)


Ronda bull ring


In addition to being a well-known lump of rock, Gibraltar also boasts a network of limestone caves (St. Michael's Cave)


St. Michael's Cave


And, of course, its "apes" (which are actually Barbary macaques) which the tourists love to see - and vice-versa!


Barbary macaque


Toledo is famous for steel - think swords - but also for "Damascening", the art of inlaying gold or silver into a darkly oxidized steel background




Finished product


Two tourists enjoying the tour (that's the Alhambra in the background)




A nightime tour puts the Alhambra in a different light


Alhambra by night


The details are magnificent...


Alhambra detail


Another detail


Exterior urban art was everywhere - especially at The Prado


The Prado


But, it was also evident on the streets in some locations


Urban art


And, some building even had natural artwork!


Natural artwork


And that's the end of the tale (tail?)...


The end - No bull!