Mexico - October, 2018


This 12-day tour took in three north-western states in Mexico -
Sonora, Sinoloa, and Chihuahua - with the primary destination
being Copper Canyon


North-western Mexico


Our initial route took us south from Tuscon, Arizona, across the
border at Nogales, and then on to San Carlos, Alamos and El Fuerte


Southern route


En-route we stopped at the San Xavier Mission (1793)


San Xavier Mission


Church interior


Our hotel in San Carlos overlooked the marina


San Carlos


A boat tour along the coast came across some local residents


Boat trip


Brown Pelicans


Brown Pelicans
(Photo courtesy of CS, Vancouver)


One of them found Carol!


Fly by!
(Photo courtesy of Alice, Vancouver)


And, the boat's wake attracted some others...




Bottlenose Dolphins


Bottlenose Dolphins
(Photo courtesy of CS, Vancouver)


The itinerary included some of Mexico's "Pueblo Mágico"
(Magical Towns) - this is Alamos, an old silver-mining town


 “Pueblo Mágico




Alamos colonnade


Alamos street


A resident American physician provides medical services to a
number of local native communities - and has a courtyard garden...


MD's garden


...with pretty red flowers


Pretty red flowers


She also has an assistant - and a sense of humour!




Hummingbirds were around; however, this one
was a little larger than lifesize!




Art gallery


Hummingbird video
Broad-billed Hummingbirds

Download the video:

hummingbirds.mp4 (18.7 MB)


In Fuerte, we had a demonstration of the Danza del Venado
(Deer Dance)


Deer dance mural


Modern-day deer dancer


Deer dancer
(Photo courtesy of CS, Vancouver)


Deer dance video
Deer Dance

Download the video:

deer_dance.mp4 (157 MB)


After the show, it was time to take the train to Copper Canyon...


Train to Copper Canyon


...going past fields where sesame seeds were being harvested...


Sesame seed harvest


...passing lakes...




...going around switchbacks...


(Photo courtesy of CS, Vancouver)


...until, finally, we reached our hotel - The Mirador - on the rim
of the canyon


The Mirador


The canyon itself is very impressive...


Copper Canyon


...even if it is full of tourists!




It is home to the Tarahumara people, the men famous as long-
distance runners, the women specializing in woven baskets


Basket weaving


Woven baskets






They are also very resourceful when it comes to making sandals


School is in


The Tarahumara live so deep in the canyon that the children attend
boarding school, one of which is sponsored by our tour company


School is in




We had previously stopped at Walmart (!) and purchased a whole
bunch of supplies that the School Principal had requested


School supplies


Some of the edible supplies were immediately shared!


Cookie, anyone?


Our route out of the canyon took us to Casa Grandes and then on to Tuscon


Homeward bound


Near Casa Grandes is a much older town - Paquimé - a pre-hispanic city, established 1100 years ago, abandoned 500 years ago, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site




One major feature is the extensive adobe architecture


Adobe architecture


The museum has examples of the types of Pueblo pottery made
on the site


Pueblo pottery


The techniques have been re-discovered and are used by modern-day potters in the nearby town of Mata Ortiz

The pottery kiln is quite rudimentary - a steel drum




Pack firewood around the drum, judiciously apply kerosene (from a laundry detergent bottle), and light a match!




The results were auctioned off to members of our group


Auction prize


And that was pretty much the end of the trip, so it's...


Adiós México