Italy - September, 2015


Part of this trip included hiking in the Dolomites, starting
with a route along this valley...


Valley hike


...then a climb up to the iconic Tre Cime di Lavaredo


Tre Cime


Note that it's a little cooler on top of the mountain


A little cooler up here


So, Carol, who's your friend?


Joined by a friend


Alpine Chough


Alpine Chough


The Dolomites feature extraordinary, spikey, mountain peaks
and very attractive villages


Mountains and villages


The next portion of the trip was with an organized HF hiking
group based in Selva di Val Gardena. Here is part of the
group on one of the scheduled hikes


HF group


Hiking up to one of the mountain cols


Mountain col


A brief respite at the top


Brief respite at the top


Marker at the top of the col


Marking the col


What goes up...


What goes up...


The coffin lift! You have to run and jump in - with a hand
from the operator!


The coffin lift


It's cozy in one these lift cabins


Cozy cabin


Recreation for some - while others have to push the
turntable around to seek the sun!


Sunny side


Do these people ever hike?


Recreation for others!


We met some interesting Italian characters along the way


Interesting Italian character


Greeter at one the mountain huts


Greeter at one the mountain huts


Rifugio Vicenza and - yes - that's snow up there!


Rifugio Vicenza


More snow at the end of the week


More snow


So, it's goodbye to the northern mountains...


Goodbye to the northern mountains


...and, hello to some other Italian iconic landmarks




The Colosseum


The Colosseum


The Grand Canal


Grand Canal


A Ventian backwater


Ventian backwater


Traditional watercraft


Traditional watercraft


Not so traditional watercraft


Not so traditional watercraft


Italy would be nothing without churches...




...and its religious art - with the Madonna and Child taking
numerous forms


Madonna and Child


Madonna and Child


Madonna and Child


Madonna and Child


There was also "fake" art - want to buy the Mona Lisa?


Mona Lisa?


And, fake architecture - Julietta's balcony was installed in
the 20th century!


Julietta's balcony


But, there were also many genuine paintings...


Genuine art


...and sculptures...


Sculpture, some rather modern items


Modern art


When Napoleon's sister, Paolina Borghese Bonaparte, was
asked how could she have posed for this rendition of Venus
Victorious, she said "Why not? It wasn't cold."


Venus Victorious


Carol found one of Paolina's cousins quite useful


One of Paolina's cousins?


The Tuscan villages were delightful


Tuscan village


Lucca town wall


Village street


Like Pisa, the citizens of San Gimignano like their towers


San Gimignano


As do the citizens of Lucca






Tuscans also like wild boar - usually served with pappardelle


Not so wild boar


This wild boar is stuffed...


Stuffed wild boar is this one!


Wild boar with stuffing


Many towns have water features...


Water feature


...while some have water and brightly coloured houses


Water and colour


Brightly coloured houses


What would Rome be without Roman ruins such as The Forum?


The Forum




Where did all the heads go?


Headless statues


Of course!




Ostia Antica, the harbour city of ancient Rome, is an
extensive archaeological site


Ostia Antica


Ostia Antica


Ostia Antica




Left-over bits?


Left-over bits?




Italian shopping - a new bag and shoes perhaps?




Or, better still, beer and panini!


Beer and panini


Arrivederci Italia




The End